Only Boston Whaler can bring you an Unsinkable Legend

What makes Boston Whaler unique? Boston Whaler is committed to providing you with the safest, easiest to own, most exciting boats on the water. It is a calling that started in 1958 with founder, Richard Fraser, who crafted the first twin sponson 13-foot Boston Whaler and then did his best to destroy it by driving up rocky rapids and cutting it in half. Turns out it was unsinkable, just like all Boston Whaler models are today.

Deep rooted beauty


Boston Whaler’s history of innovation started with its first hull. Today, the 13 footer, featuring a variation of the original twin sponson design, still delivers superior stability, shallow draft and optimum performance with minimal horsepower. Boston Whaler created the first centre console boat, as well as the unique Unibond construction process, which no other manufacturer has ever duplicated.


Boston Whaler engineers make sure your Boston Whaler is designed for the ultimate in high quality and low maintenance. Things like 316-L stainless steel hardware, solid (not hollow) cleats with Whaleboard backing, and special electrical wiring and connectors to withstand the marine environment mean you can spend your time on the water having fun with your boat, not worrying about it.

Cobalt hull design
Cobalt Handling


You can put a hole in a Boston Whaler hull or cut it in two – both halves will still float and you can drive away in the half with the engine. But unsinkability means more than that. It means truly level floatation for added safety and stability. It means quality, reliability and durability. That’s the Unsinkable Legend.

What makes Boston Whaler legendary? More than 50 years of superior quality, safety, performance, reliability and trouble-free operation. The legend started when Boston Whaler founder Richard Fisher began subjecting his boats to torture tests to demonstrate their unsinkability, and it continues today as customers pass down their Boston Whalers to their children and grandchildren.




A key benefit to Boston Whaler ownership is confidence. Confidence in the quality of the ride, the seamlessness of the experience and the excellence of the build. That confidence is enhanced by the unmatched global service network built on the foundation of the exceptional Boston Whaler dealer network, comprised of dealers who bring vast industry expertise and boating knowledge.


Boston Whaler and Mercury Marine, both divisions of Brunswick Corp., work closely together to create precise engine/boat packages that perform well and result in better overall product for their customers. From new model development to manufacturing coordination to customer service, Boston Whalers partnership with Mercury offer our customers distinct advantages.


Boston Whaler, like no other!