Your relationship with Cobalt Boats is like no other. Owners and their boats.

With each ride, with each cruise, comes conversation, laughter, pure enjoyment afloat and trust. With that trust arises a certain lifestyle, an opportunity for families to come together and enjoy what life is all about, time or seasonally. It’s pretty clear that the Ed Huck family have been ‘chosen’, generation after generation to take a leadership role in boats and boating on the River.

Deep rooted beauty

Deep Rooted Beauty

The interior of your Cobalt is designed for years of service. A hallmark of Cobalt construction, our interiors speak of timeless good taste, a subtle elegance made possible only by hand-craftsmanship and design that anticipates the needs and wishes of its users. Not only are the interiors beautiful, but they have been crafted with materials that will surpass expectations of endurance.

Hulls Designed for a Smooth and Soft Ride

Today’s waterways seem to get rougher and rougher. Cobalt designs their hulls to provide you and your guests the ultimate in a soft, secure and quiet ride. If you’ve ever felt beat up after a day on the water in another boat, you’ll understand why Cobalt puts so much effort into giving you the smoothest ride possible!

Cobalt hull design
Cobalt Handling

Unrivalled Handling

Cobalt owners are usually the first to say that you have to drive a Cobalt to fully appreciate the Cobalt performance difference. Cobalt’s design team prides themselves on the best-in-class hole shot acceleration with no loss of visibility of the water, cornering on rails at even the highest speeds, and staying on plane at low speeds without bow rise. You have to drive it to believe it!

You’ll enjoy your family’s day out on the water when you know everyone on board is safe and secure. Cobalt designs their boats with taller hull sides to provide a safer and drier ride in rougher water. Deep bow and cockpit seating keeps children safe while underway. Cobalt’s extended swim platforms, set low at the waterline, protect swimmers from getting near the boat’s propeller and provide a safe hand-hold while swimming.




The Cobalt Helm is the most luxurious – and prominent – area to compare the difference between Cobalt and the compromises of it’s competition. The Cobalt helm is your control station, and in control you feel behind the leather wrapped wheel of a Cobalt. The fog free digital instruments, gauges provide a scrolling feature that includes vital information, all securely fastened to aluminum panels.

This aluminum insures weather resistance and longevity far beyond the plastic pieces often used by the competition. Cobalt used stainless switches to improve electrical durability for the life of your boat. Look beyond the helm; neatly sorted wire looms, quick electrical disconnects, waterproof electrical connections where needed, battery switches with isolators, colour coded tinned copper wiring, dual central stainless steel grounding buses, and designated circuit breakers.

The Cobalt 10-5-3 fully transferable warranty of uncompromising assurance remains the industry’s benchmark. Ten year protection hull and deck structure, five year protection on engine, stern drive and accessories and three year protection of gelcoat finish, upholstery/canvas and components manufactured by Cobalt.


Welcome to the world of Cobalt …
Compromise Nothing