Manitou offers a full range of pontoons, from their flagship Legacy LT to the all new introductory Aurora model.

Their passion for boating means that they never stop working to improve the Manitou boating experience.

Manitou offers V-Toon technology, raising the capabilities to challenge an entire industry. By placing a center tube 5.25 inches lower than the sides a V shape is created. They’ve engineered a hull that heels into a turn like a racecar on a banked track.

Better hole shots, quicker planing, higher top end speeds, unrivaled handling, and increased stability in rough waters are hallmarks of the Manitou V-toon hull. No empty promises, just pure performance unanticipated from a pontoon boat.

As speeds increase, the natural ability of a hull to heel becomes increasingly important, not only for comfort, but safety. At the end of the day, the safety of your family and friends is most important of all.

Deep rooted beauty

V-Toon Technology

By carefully considering, testing, and fine-tuning their design, Manitou created a third tube that is sized right and positioned perfectly. Manitou’s patented V-Toon Technology optimizes performance; only a Manitou offers this level of stability, handling and performance at higher top end speeds.

Unrivaled Handling

The steering system is one of Manitou’s most important features on their pontoons. Manitou uses the highest quality parts and materials and their handling is unmatched. Xtreme Steering System, Seastar Hydraulic Steering and SeaStar Power Assist Steering offers high performance steering system built for high-performance boats.

Cobalt hull design
Cobalt Handling


If you’ve envied the versatility of a pontoon but been reluctant to give up the performance of a runabout, a Manitou is the answer to your dilemma. Manitou pontoons are designed to offer something for everyone’s lifestyle and preferences including water sports and fishing.

First Available Dual-Engine Pontoons

It’s another level of boating. Manitou launched the first available dual-engine pontoons to deliver a remarkable combination of raw power and amazing handling. The added horsepower means there is minimal loss of top end speed and noticeable increase in stability. These pontoons are responsive and a pleasure to operate.

Cobalt hull design

The Greatest Show of Power Is the Ability to Control It!